These general terms and conditions define the rights and obligations between the contract parties resulting from the contract of sale which was concluded between the seller, minimalist s.r.o., ID: 51637367 registered in the commercial register by the district court Bratislava 1,  division: Ltd., insert number: 127918/B (further “the seller”) and the buyer (consumer), the subject of which is the purchase of products on the internet site of the shop The consumer is an individual able for legal acts (consumer), or a legal person (entrepreneur by the § 2 section 2 Business law), who in his own authorisation send an electronic order processed by the system of the internet store The consumer in these general terms and conditions can be in some cases also a third party, which the customer chooses in his binding order as a person which should be the products delivered to (authorised persons). The electronic order is an order send by the electronic form, including information about the buyer, list of the ordered products from the offer from the shop and the final price of the order, which is processed by the shop system and is from the customers site an proposal for the closure of the contract of sale. These general terms and conditions in its actual version establish the contents of the contract of sale between the seller and the buyer. The buyer confirms by submitting the order that the consent with the terms and conditions and these will apply on all the relations between the seller and the buyer when concluding a contract of purchase as well as on potential claims on goods.   Company: minimalist spol. s r.o. Magurská 3, 83101 Bratislava ID: 51637367, VAT: SK2120749840, IBAN: SK4711000000002942055151 Registered for VAT. Supervisory body: Slovak trade inspection (SOI) Central inspectorate for the region of Bratislava Prievozská 32, P.O. Box 5,820 07 Bratislava 27


All orders made on the web pages are binding for both sides. When placing an order the buyer confirms that he or she has read and understood these terms and claim conditions. The seller confirms that the order has been accepted by sending an order confirmation e-mail.   PRODUCT PRICES Each product from the offer of the e-shop has its the description, with the main attributes stated in the information column. Each product from the offer of the e-shop has its product price stated in EUR. This is the end price (we are not registered for VAT), including all the taxes and fees, without shipping costs. The price in the time of order sending is binding, but the retailer has the right to change the price, which won’t affect the contract of sale.

Place and delivery

Place of fulfilment of the sales contract is the address stated by the customer in the electronic order. The consumer is obligated to take over the products at the address stated in the order. The seller delivers the goods via third party services, stated in the order or according to the agreement with the customer. In case the customer doesn’t take over the goods and the goods are returned to the seller, the seller has the right to withdraw from the contract and to ask for the reimbursement of the shipping costs (costs that occurred because of the shipment back to the seller). Repeated delivery is only possible after a mutual agreement. The seller has the right to require a fulfilment of the obligations, mainly the payment of the costs for the products and services, irrespective of the fact that the ownership to the products and services has not yet transferred to the buyer. We are not responsible for a delayed product delivery caused by the shipping company or by the wrong stated address by the receiver. The consumer acquires the ownership rights to the products by the acceptance of the products in the place of delivery and by the payment of the full price of the sales contract. The consumer by his acceptance of the products takes over the danger of sudden destruction or random worsening of the products. When accepting the shipment, the buyer has the obligation to check the shipment for any  intact and completeness. If the shipment is visibly damaged or destroyed, the buyer is obliged without accepting the shipment to immediately contact the seller and write a record about the damaged shipment with the shipping company. Any later claims about the quantity or the damage of the products won’t be accepted.  


We try to manage your orders as fast as possible, usually within 3, maximum 7 working days within Slovakia. International orders can take longer. The customer is informed about the expedition of the shipment by an e-mail 24hours from its shipment. It is necessary to add up to this time period 1 – 3 working days, which takes the Slovak post office to deliver the shipments. The seller is not responsible for late deliveries caused by the post office, or the shipment company, or for the damage caused by the post, or the shipment company. We reserve the right to cancel your product order, if we cannot deliver the products due to sold out goods. We will inform you without delay about the order cancellation by phone or email. In case the customer has already paid the purchase price, or its part, the financial funds will be reimbursed within 14 days to the bank account, from which the order was paid, if not otherwise agreed upon. The consumer agrees to a prolonged delivery time in case all of the ordered products cannot be delivered in the agreed time period. The seller will inform the customer without delay about this situation and will communicate the expected delivery time or will suggest the delivery of substituting products. If the seller cannot supply the goods in the prolonged delivery time, the buyer has the right to withdraw from contract. In case the purchase price or its part was already paid, the financial funds will be reimbursed within 14 days to your assigned bank account. Not delivering the goods within 30 calendar days, or the customers disagreement with the prolonged delivery time, authorises the customer to withdraw from the contract without any sanctions or further fees. The agreed upon delivery time is valid, if any unexpected circumstances happen (circumstances excluding liability, all cases of higher power, which make the delivery impossible). In case you have selected payment in advance to our bank account we only dispatch the goods when the entire sum is credited to the account /i.e. including the postal fee/. The ownership rights of the goods are transferred to the buyer by the payment of the  full purchase price.  

Minimum order

When ordering products “on stock” there is no limit for a minimum order.


In case that you wish to cancel you order, which has not been dispatched, please, contact us as soon as possible. If you order has already been paid for, we will return the money within 7 days to the same account the payment was made from. In line with article 6 of the commercial code no. 367/2000 as amended the buyer has the right to back out of the contract within 14 days from the delivery date (not applicable when buying the goods from the seller in person). When using the right to back out of the contract, please, inform us about your decision in writing via email on or via a letter sent by post to our address: minimalist s.r.o., Magurska 3,831 01 Bratislava. For these purpose, there is a copy of formal letter available on withdrawal from the contract. In accordance to the reg. §517 sec. 1 of the Civil code can the customer withdraw also only partially from the contract (if the subject of the contract, or of the binding order was the delivery of several products). In such a case the contract is cancelled only partially. If you decide to back out of the contract it is necessary to return the goods undamaged with no signs of use or wearing in the original package with the purchase receipt enclosed, by sending it back in the given period of time /the date of posting being determining/. address: minimalist s.r.o., Magurská 3, 831 01 Bratislava. We recommend you to send the goods in an insured delivery. We do not accept goods returned by the means of pay on delivery shipment. If the products are damaged during shipment, the products will be sent back to the customer. The seller takes no responsibility for such damages. When all the above mentioned conditions for returning of goods are met the payment for the goods including the costs for transport, delivery and postage and other costs and fees shall be reimbursed to the buyer using the buyer’s original payment method within 14 days from the date of delivery of withdrawal from the contract; this does not restrain the right of the buyer to agree with the seller on a different payment method providing that no additional charges are charged to the buyer. the seller is not obliged to reimburse the payment to the buyer prior to the receipt of the returned goods or prior to a prove from the buyer that the goods were returned back to the seller. The consumer is responsible for any depreciation of value of goods due to handling and using it in another way, that is necessary due to the nature, attributes and functions of the goods. The buyer is not eligible to withdraw from the contract that comprises sale of goods prepared according to buyer’s special requirements. The seller has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time before the goods are dispatched to the buyer mainly due to items ordered are out of stock. In such an event, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer without a delay via an e-mail provided by the buyer in the order. Prior to withdrawal from the contract the seller has the right to offer the buyer a compensation. The buyer has the right to refuse the compensation and withdraw from the contract. If the order or a part of it has already been paid for, the buyer will be reimbursed for the payment within 14 days from the date the buyer has been informed about the unavailability of the ordered items or following the day the compensation has been refused by the buyer to a bank account from which the payment has been received.  


We send the packages via Slovak post in form of package or as a registered letter. Shipping costs depend on the weight of the products you have ordered, including packaging costs.   Shipping within Slovakia: < 1 kg: 3,00 € 1 – 5 kg: 4,00 € Shipping to Czech republic: < 1 kg: 9,00 € 1 – 2 kg: 11,00 € 2 – 5 kg: 12,50 € Shipping within Europe: < 1 kg: 10,00 € 1 – 2 kg: 19,00 € 2 – 5 kg: 26,00 € Shiping worldwide: < 1 kg: 17,50 € 1 – 2 kg: 30,00 € 2 – 5 kg: 40,00 € No additional costs or fees are charged. In case of split order, based on customer request, each shipping will be charged separately.  


We accept following payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer in advance to our bank account,  IBAN:SK4711000000002942055151 Tatra Banka a. s., SWIFT: TATRSKBX (no transaction fees within Slovakia, bank fees from other countries are paid by the customer.) The bank transfer is due within 12 calendar days from the receivement of the email with the payment details, or the order will be cancelled.
  2. b) Deposit for the account of the seller based on sent advance invoice or invoice c) By Paypal for foreign customers to the following email: Transaction fees are paid by the retailer. d) Debit or credit card via payment gateway. Transaction fees are paid by the seller.
  3. e) Payment on delivery when receiving the products by the shipping company.
Part of each delivery is the invoice – a fiscal document, which also serves as the guarantee. If the invoice is missing, please inform us as soon as possible by phone or at our email address:   PRODUCT CLAIMS AND WARRANTY PERIOD The warranty period set by the law is 24 months from the acceptance date of the goods by the buyer – customer. The buyer – customer is a person, that when closing the contract is not an entrepreneur in accordance to § 2 sec. 2 commercial code and does not act within the subject of his/her business and entrepreneur activities. In case the sales contract is signed by the buyer – entrepreneur, this contract conforms the business law, which does not set a warranty period by law. If you want to lodge a product claim on goods purchased in the internet store, please inform us in advance via e-mail on The seller is responsible to the buyer for:
  • keeping the price, which was valid at the time of sending the order by the customer, if the order was accepted
  • shipping of products without defects
  • the product delivery in its quantity and quality, provided the order was accepted
  • attachment of the tax document (invoice), if the consumer does not wish otherwise

The seller takes no responsibility for:

  • late product delivery caused by the shipping company
  • Late product delivery caused by stating the wrong address by the receiver
  • damage caused by the shipping company; please do not accept the delivery of visibly damaged goods (damaged packaging of the shipment etc.)
The seller is responsible for defects, that occur on the sold products within the warranty period caused by material defects, functional defects or production defects. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by improper handling and inappropriate treatment, or exposure to extreme and unusual conditions to which the product is not intended to be and is also inconsistent with the normal use of the product and the manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the product by its use. A warranty claim is such a claim, that it is obvious that the defect / damage did not occur by improper and inappropriate handling, which can be: use of the product for other purposes than specified, excessive exposure to the product, improper maintenance of the product, improper handling of the product. The complaints on product are dealt within the Return policy, which is a part of the general terms and conditions and is published here. The seller commits to inform the buyer within 3 work days from the date of receipt of the faulty goods complaint about the validity of such complaint and about the return procedure. When the complaint is eligible, the seller binds to settle a complaint within 30 days from the date of its receipt. The faulty goods will be returned back to the buyer either repaired or exchanged for an identical item or other item that the buyer will choose (up to the value of the item subject to return) and sent back to the buyer on our expenses including the postage or the we will reimburse your payment including the postage costs. When the fault is unrepairable, but the fault does not prevent a due usage of the item, the buyer has the right to receive a reasonable discount. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with a receipt upon the submission off a complaint. If the complaint is claimed within 12 months from the purchase of the product, the seller is eligible to reject the complaint only based on an expert opinion. If the seller rejects the complaint applied after 12 months of purchase, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer where the product can be sent for an expert’s opinion. The expert’s opinion with regard to the complaint process is the opinion of an authorised person or accredited person by the seller to perform warranty repairs. (article 2 n) of the act on the protection of consumers). The buyer also has the right to an exchange or to withdraw from the contract if the defect can be removed but the buyer cannot use the product properly due to a repeated occurrence of the defects (article 623 para. 1 of the civil code). Repeated occurrence of the defects after the repair is deemed in such circumstances if an identical defect occurs for the third time following at least two repairs of the same defect. The seller is obliged to issue a written document confirming the complaint handling no later than within 30 days of the date of complaint submission. Sent please the returned product with its proof of payment and the description of its defects to the following address: minimalist spol. s r.o., Magurská  3, 831 01 Bratislava. We will not accept returns send via payment by delivery.


The seller collects the personal data of the customers with their consent: name, address, telephone number and email.In case the buyer is an company / self-employed: business name, ID, VAT. These data are mostly used for making potential future orders by the customer more convenient.The administrator of the online store declares that the collected personal data will be used exclusively for the communication with the customer. The full wording of the personal data protection, which are an equal part of the general terms and conditions, can be found in the subpage Privacy protection. By agreeing to the general terms and conditions you agree to the processing of personal data stated in the order so that the order can be managed and delivered, within the performance of the contract.  


The Buyer – consumer – has the right to contact the seller with a request for redress (email to, if he is not satisfied with the way the seller has reclaimed his claim or if he thinks that the seller has breached his rights. If the seller answers or disapproves of this request within 30 days of sending it, the consumer has the right to make a proposal to begin an alternative dispute resolution to the entity of alternative dispute resolution (further entity ARS) following the code 391/2015 codex. ARS entities are authorities and authorised legal entities by §3 code 391/2015 codex. The proposal may be submitted by the consumer in the manner specified by the §12 code 391/2015 codex.   The consumer can also file a complaint through the RSO Alternative Dispute Resolution platform RSO, which can be found online The alternative dispute resolution can be used only by an consumer – individual, who when concluding and fulfilling a consumer contract, does not act within the scope of its business activity, occupation or profession. An alternative dispute resolution only concerns a dispute between a consumer and a seller resulting from a consumer contract or related to a consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution applies only to long distance contracts. An alternative dispute resolution does not deal with disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20. An ARS entity may require the consumer to charge a fee for starting an alternative dispute resolution up to a maximum of EUR 5 with VAT. If necessary, you can contact us at any time at


By submitting an electronic order, the buyer accepts unreservedly all the terms and conditions of the general terms and conditions, as applicable on the day of dispatch, as well as the applicable amount of the ordered goods and shipping charges. These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the purchase agreement concluded between the seller and the customer and are binding on both parties. The legal relationships established by the purchase contract will be governed by the regulations of the purchase contract (binding order and acceptance of order, or individually agreed terms), the regulations of these General Terms and Conditions and the relevant legislation. The general terms and conditions are valid until new general terms and conditions are issued. These general terms and conditions apply as stated on the website on the day of the electronic order submission, unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing. Copyright© 2018

All rights reserved. Any use of content – part or whole, in particular reproduction and distribution of texts, pictures, photographs in any mechanical or electronic manner is prohibited without written permission from minimalist, s.r.o. .

  These general terms and conditions come into force 1. 7. 2018.