kid pyjamas happy day


These are our novelty products for this autumn/winter – children’s pyjamas with their own original print from our new collection Happy days at home.

We like days when we don’t have to rush anywhere, we have time for a long laze, a hearty breakfast and a long time full of games or book reading together. And that’s why we have created children’s pyjamas in that the kids not only sleep comfortably but also play, run, read and laze.

The pyjamas are designed and sewn in double sizes, so your kids can wear and use them longer.

Patents are double-based, which means that as a child grows, you can extend the length of sleeves and pants. Available in five double sizes from 86-140.

The tailored graphic design was prepared for us by the talented German graphic designer Anna Katherina Jansen.

The organic bio cotton from which the pyjamas are made is produces in the Czech Republic. The fabric is printed on by the ecological method of digital pigmentation in Slovakia. It is one of the most modern printing technologies in Slovakia, which does not use nor pollute water and has low electricity consumption. All sets of pyjamas are sewn in Slovakia and so by purchasing them you will support the preservation of the tailor’s craft in Slovakia, Europe.

Made from: 100% organic bio cotton

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